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Hi and welcome to Daniel White’s website. Here you’ll find some of Daniel’s new ideas. Product ideas, design concepts and whatever else he’s working on or comes up with. He hopes you’ll enjoy how his innovative brain works and maybe be inspired to also help fill the world with great new ideas.


Simple vector illustration.


This mountain landscape fruit-bowl makes your fruit seem gigantic. The design is based on the plastic mountains available for model railway sets and the fruit-bowl is fabricated the same way.          

‘Matrjosjka’ toy blocks

Simple and colourful wooden painted ‘matrosjka’s’ Also usable as wooden playing blocks. Every block is as high as the next bigger block is wide (based on the Din-system for paper sizes) The models featured here are made of paper.


A wooden house. In the chimney you can screw a lightbulb. The bulb becomes ‘smoke’.    


The Twister duvet cover is nothing more or less than the game of Twister, printed on a duvet cover. Get ready to play (strip-) twister on your own bed. Designed together with Bertjan Pot. On sale through Present Time.    

The Bear Family

Simple soft cuddly bears. Size: A4, A5, A6 and A7 Made of memory foam so when you squeeze one of the bears, it slowly goes back to its original block shape. The most simple cuddly teddy-bear Daniel could think of.

Yep yep you know it


Daniel accidentally took this foto with his iPhone. Do you like it?

Sun Powered Cooler

The harder the sun shines, the harder the cooler cools. This cooler idea combines the basic electric cooler technology you can hook up to your car battery and modern solar panel technology (to replace the car battery) to make a cooler that works on pure sun-power.

Proposal poster

119 cm x 51,5 cm illustration of a proposal for an exhibition by Atelier van Lieshout for Bochum/Ruhr cultural capitol of Europe 2010. The illustration depicts the parking deck of an industrial complex filled with works by Atelier van Lieshout. The exhibition happened in 2010. A variety of gatherings, parties and projects where held at […]

Christmas-tree poster

If you have a house that’s too small for a real Christmas tree, or you hate cleaning up the fallen out needles after Christmas, this might be something for you. A door-sized poster of an empty Christmas-tree, packaged with sticker-balls so you can still ‘dress’ the tree with all the family. After Christmas just roll […]

Bike light

A fully functional black BMX bike ordained with lights to become a crazy chandelier. A one off unique piece, designed and built as a private commission in 2007.