danielHi, want to know more about the designer Daniel White? Well…

He has been working in design and on design related projects since graduating (with honours) from the Design Academy in Eindhoven (The Netherlands), way back in 1998.
After graduating he spent some time in London (United Kingdom), working for Sebastian Conran Associates and later Pentagram on consumer items, furniture, packaging, concepts for flagship stores and whatever else the companies where working on at the time.

After learning a lot from this London adventure Daniel decided to start his own design company together with his college friend and neighbour Bertjan Pot. The company, founded in 1999, was given the ‘ear-catching’ name Monkey Boys and focussed on self produced interior products and design idea’s. After having great fun designing and producing a wide variety of products for about four years. Having shown their work internationally in museums and galleries, having the work published in a wide variety of design magazines and having their work purchased by renowned museum’s such as the Victoria & Albert museum in London. Bertjan and Daniel decided to each go their separate ways.

Since 2002 Daniel’s been working as a freelancer for a number of companies as well as developing his own product concepts and designs.
Many of which you’ll find somewhere on this site.

Over the years Daniel rolled into teaching. Starting with organising a number of workshops and teaching a course in design or materials here and there.
At the start of 2010 Daniel was asked to re-design the new Product Design Bachelor course at the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam.
This he did successfully and was head of the Product Design department for three years.
In 2011-2012 he also spent a year in the team to redesign the entire way art education was structured at the Willem de Kooning Academy. At this time he was also asked to become the manager of the new 2 year Arts & Crafts course of the Rotterdam University. He set up this new school and lead it throug accreditation in september 2013 with flying colours. All of these tasks where part time jobs.

So in 2012 with all these different educational jobs he started missing good old hands on product designing.
In 2012-2013 Daniel stopped a number of his educational jobs so he could get get back to his beloved design work.

At the moment Daniel is working on new design ideas.
Getting the weird and wacky things that pop into his mind and then pop into his sketchbook, on-line and out to you.
That’s what this site’s for.

If you are interested in producing any of the product ideas you’ve seen on the site or would like Daniel to come up with some great product ideas for your company, please feel free to contact him at info [at] WhiteWebsite [dot] com.

Please enjoy this site!