Rocking Bench

The Rocking Bench is back!

A rocking horse for two kids OR a stool for one adult, that is so beautiful you don’t have to clear it away when you have grown-up have visitors.
The Rocking Bench is being sold through the furniture company Basematters. Which has a new retail concept, somewhere between a regular crowd-funding site and a regular furniture company. I guess you could call it ‘curated crowd-funding’.
If you want one, please go to
And hurry! The benches will be on offer for a limited time only.


History of the Rocking Bench:

The basic design was made in Ghana in 2007 whilst Daniel was trying to set  up a fair trade organisation there. The idea was to produce and sell locally and have some overproduction shipped to Europe and sold there. Profits would return to the Ghanese craftsmen. Unfortunately this fair trade idea never took off, so apart from a prototype, the design was never produced in Ghana.

A few years later an adapted design was produced commercially (from 2009-2011) by Present Time. This version was very much geared towards kids and wasn’t detailed like a piece of designer furniture.

Now a complete redesign lead to this version. Solid oak, simple design, stackable, hand crafted and well detailed. Locally produced by Meubelmakerij Valkema in Rotterdam. Sold by the new crowdfunding-shop: Basematters.


All foto’s by Geertje van Achterberg



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