2013 March

Eye buttons

Turn anything into a friend with these eye buttons. 3 Different eye colours are available in 6 different packages. In production by Present Time. Above photo by Present Time.      


Can you imagine how many computer mice are thrown away each year? Why not recycle them? Add 2 sets of wheels off toy cars and “Bob’s your uncle”. A brand spanking new toy which is ergonomic to play with.    

Siamese cuddly toys

If kids learn to accept strange things at an early age then acceptance of all thing different in the world at large will be easy in the future. To help create this better world full of acceptance of everything weird and wonderful; Siamese cuddly toys.

Number cuddly toys

For your birthday you can receive friends that are your age.   The numbers 0 to 9 in the shape of friendly cuddly stuffed toys.¬†Together they can make any number. (Collect them all.)

Sockpuppet cuddly toy

Remember sock puppets? Old socks with a few buttons sewn on turned into a puppet. What if yo took that as a design for a cuddly toy? Soft cuddly toys in the shape of sock puppets.

Cuddly breast

Soft cuddly toy to help kids off of breastfeeding (or to help lonely men get to sleep).


Alphabet poster.


iPet (pronounced iPad) is Dutch for iHat.

Ami poster

When a new baby is born in The Netherlands, it’s tradition to send friends and family a card informing them of this joyous fact. This card is usually also the way one finds out the name of the new family member. Instead of a regular card, Daniel drew this “where’s Waldo”-stlyle A2 poster for his […]


A self-portrait in paper. (With thanks to Boxpunx by Harlancore.com for the basic plan.)