Eye buttons

Turn anything into a friend with these eye buttons. 3 Different eye colours are available in 6 different packages. In production by Present Time. Above photo by Present Time.      


Alphabet poster.


iPet (pronounced iPad) is Dutch for iHat.

Ami poster

When a new baby is born in The Netherlands, it’s tradition to send friends and family a card informing them of this joyous fact. This card is usually also the way one finds out the name of the new family member. Instead of a regular card, Daniel drew this “where’s Waldo”-stlyle A2 poster for his […]


Simple vector illustration.

Proposal poster

119 cm x 51,5 cm illustration of a proposal for an exhibition by Atelier van Lieshout for Bochum/Ruhr cultural capitol of Europe 2010. The illustration depicts the parking deck of an industrial complex filled with works by Atelier van Lieshout. The exhibition happened in 2010. A variety of gatherings, parties and projects where held at […]

Christmas-tree poster

If you have a house that’s too small for a real Christmas tree, or you hate cleaning up the fallen out needles after Christmas, this might be something for you. A door-sized poster of an empty Christmas-tree, packaged with sticker-balls so you can still ‘dress’ the tree with all the family. After Christmas just roll […]