Rocking Bench

The Rocking Bench is back! A rocking horse for two kids OR a stool for one adult, that is so beautiful you don’t have to clear it away when you have grown-up have visitors. The Rocking Bench is being sold through the furniture company Basematters. Which has a new retail concept, somewhere between a regular […]


The Twister duvet cover is nothing more or less than the game of Twister, printed on a duvet cover. Get ready to play (strip-) twister on your own bed. Designed together with Bertjan Pot. On sale through Present Time.    

Yep yep you know it


Daniel accidentally took this foto with his iPhone. Do you like it?

Bike light

A fully functional black BMX bike ordained with lights to become a crazy chandelier. A one off unique piece, designed and built as a private commission in 2007.